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Click here for information about Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP

Here are some useful links that I use all the time to check on virus threats, hoaxes, email scams and computer help. Hope you like them too.
Each link will open in a new window. Close the window when done. If you have a problem opening them, please Email me to let me know.

AdWare and Spyware Help
Instructions for using AdAware and Spybot.
Also helpful hints on how to avoid keeping
spyware off your computer.

Speakeasy Speed Test
High Speed Bandwidth Test

Now accepting PayPal

I am now accepting payments using PayPay. There are several different methods to suit each individual needs. If you have a PayPal account, you can send me the money directly, or I can send you an invoice. I can also accept credit cards directly at my shop. The Pay Now button below is for making a payment from home to pay for services, parts, or computers.
(NOTE: Using PayPal MAY incur a small extra fee. Always talk to me before using the button below for the exact price.)

Virus Information
Descriptions of all known viruses.

Hoaxes and Email Scams
Below are listed 2 great place to verify Email warnings before forwarding them to 20 of you friends. If listed here, please do not forward to anyone.
Some of the more common hoaxes are:
$800 from Microsoft- Applies to ALL money related Emails. Also any Email that claims that you will get anything,(money,jokes,information,etc) if you forward it to enough people is a hoax. It never works.
GAP Email Tracking
Outback Steakhouse
Get More Money
NOTE: ANY Email that claims that a virus can not be detected by a virus program is lying. Virus programs catch ALL viruses found within 24 hours. Also no virus will want to destroy your computer, They want to hide and spread. And no legitimate AntiVirus company is EVER going to spread the word about a new virus by asking anyone to forward messages. AntiVirus companies will only Email you directly if you sign up for alerts.




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