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The web is wide open. There is very little to protect the internet user while using the web.
Unfortunately, almost all web sites and service providers leave it up to the individual to protect themselves. So I'm going to help you to protect yourself with some tips and some software. Also at the bottom of this page is a place to see the most recent virus threats, and links to tools for help and information, courtesy of Symantec- Makers of the Norton line of products listed below. (Check out "Klez", a nasty virus.)


You must have an AntiVirus when using the Internet or Email.
Viruses can attack anyone anytime. Its a fact of life. Most virus attacks come from Email. Usually called "Worms", these viruses will infect a computer that has no virus protection and then send themselves out to everyone in the address book. The virus will not be stopped by the trick of placing a fake Email address in your address book either. Sometimes a virus will lie by claiming to be sent from computer A when it really came from computer B.
Also see my Links Page for information about Email hoax's, jokes, and virus information BEFORE forwarding any Emails you receive to all of your friends. (Most Email warnings are false information or hoax's.)

You should have a Firewall when using the Internet with a Dial Up modem. It is even more important if you are on High Speed Internet like Cable (Road Runner), DSL, or Satellite.
Firewall's prevent a stranger (hacker) from gaining access to your computer. They try to do this for many reasons. One is to steal your private information- credit card numbers, login and passwords to sites you have paid to use, Email addresses to resell, etc. The other reason is to place what's called a "trojan". This allows them to come back later use your computer along with others to attack someone else.
The more you are on the Internet, the more vulnerable you are to attack. With Dial Up you are at risk while connected. With High Speed Internet you are at risk the whole time your computer is turned on, because High Speed is connected to the Internet all the time.

When shopping online, ONLY use secure sites and shop with names you know.
A secure site will display a yellow lock or a lock on a yellow background. If there is no lock or the lock is pictured in the unlocked position, be vary careful about giving out any of your information. The site may not be secure. There are more than enough safe sites to to business with. Find another company.
Also stick with names you recognize. If you are new to the Internet, here is a link to Online Shopping that offers secure shopping through a huge variety of approved online stores that you can trust.

Get a 2nd free Email account and use it when you are dealing with anyone other than friend, family, or trusted sites.
To avoid having your Email box fill up with spam and junk, try this: Give your main Email only to your family and friends. Also if you are buying from a trusted site, that site will most likely not sell your Email. In all other cases where a site asks you for an Email address, I use one from a free site, like Hotmail, or Excite.com so that any spam or junk is sent there. When too much junk shows up, I stop using it and get another free Email.

Use Parental Control software to help protect young kids from seeing things you don't want them to see.
And there are a lot of things on the web that show up purely by accident. A simple search for the name of a popular clothing store showed one of my customers pictures that had nothing to do with clothes. (Lack of clothes maybe) Parental software can be set to the level of filtering you think is appropriate for your family.



Norton Security
My personal favorite and one of the top rated and best products on the market.
This package includes Antivirus, plus a Firewall, Parental Control and Ad Blocking. The Firewall will prevent anyone from attacking your computer by Email or through the Internet. Your information will be safe and your computer can never be used to attack someone else. The Parental Control is automatically updated with new information about "bad" sites to protect your family and the Ad Blocker will stop most annoying ads and pop ups and can even make your internet faster because the ads are normally the first thing you see and if they are blocked, you will see what you really want that much faster. (Especially on Dial Up)

Norton Internet Security
Replaced by Norton Security

Norton Personal Firewall
Replaced by Norton Security.

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