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Return Policy

Service I Provide Directly

Repair Work
Software or hardware work that does not involve new or used replacement hardware:
(In other words, the labor portion)
30 day guarantee
If problem reoccurs, I will redo the work.
If the problem requires a completely different repair solution, the original job cost will be credited toward the new repair.

Virus Removal
Viruses can be very hard to remove and very adept at hiding. If after a virus cleaning, the same virus returns within 1 week, I will either re-clean the computer at no charge, or I may recommend a full reload to assure complete removal of virus. This is due to the fact that if the virus survived the first cleaning, it will most likely survive the 2nd cleaning as well. In this case, the reload would be done at a discount.

New Computer Systems
1 Full year Parts and Labor
1 Full Year Training and Support
Printers have 90 days and up.
Applies to all components and software purchased at the same time as part of the original system. Normal rates apply to software and hardware added at a later time.

New Software and Hardware
Software and hardware purchased from me and installed by me have a 1 Year Warranty and 90 days free training and support.

Software and hardware purchased from me but not installed by me have a 90 day warranty and 30 days free training and support.

Used Items
All used hardware, software, or computer systems are sold "As-Is" unless stated otherwise elsewhere. Call for details.

Manufactures Warranty

Some of the items I sell have a longer manufactures warranty that what I cover. In all cases during my warranty period, if a part fails, I will take care of the problem myself. Most of the time I will be able to replace the part directly.

In certain rare situations (like the motherboard) I would need to return the part to my supplier and have them check it out. This normally only takes 1 or 2 days.

After my warranty has passed, any items that are still under a manufactures warranty would need to be sent in for repair under the terms of their coverage. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact me and I would still be happy to assist you.

Warranty Cards

As always, it is very important to send in warranty registration cards in case they are needed. Some examples of items that are likely to have longer warranties than I provide are:
Processors (AMD and Intel)
Hard Drives
Power Supplies
Surge Strips (special coverage)
Note that not all items listed above will always have a longer warranty. These are just examples.

Return Policy

New hardware can be returned within 14 days. Must include all software and packaging that was originally supplied. This also applies to computer systems.
I understand that some items may not have a lot of packaging if I installed the hardware or it was part of a system. Please do not send in warranty cards until after this period has gone by.

Used hardware and computer systems cannot be returned unless defective.

Software cannot be returned.
Defective software will be replaced with the same title only.


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