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Click here for information about Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
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All Prices Include Tax.
(Prices subject to change due to parts availability.*)

Please Note:
With Supply and pricing issues , All prices are subject to availability of parts. (Mostly CPUs and SSDs) Price may need to be adjusted upwards to account for higher prices. Sorry.

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Now Available!
Basic Starter Computer
(Comes with Windows 11)
$699.00 (and up)
See Price Info

I Custom Build each computer to each customer's wants, needs, and choices.
I build to a Higher Standard than most because I believe that a good computer is not good enough. Computers need to be great.
Click here to find out what separates an ordinary computer from a great computer.

Windows 7 End of Support
Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows 7 as of January 14, 2020. It has been coming for a while now. Click here for more information.

Any computer below can be built with Windows 10 if needed while supply lasts.

Although I Custom Build every computer, I always have people asking for basic pricing. Here I have put together a few examples.
Please keep in mind that these are estimates- Your price will depend on your needs and choices, and the current price of parts.
If you would like a written Quote, Click here.
Prices in Quotes are good for 15 Days.
All Prices Include Tax.

All Computers Include
Every computer I build, (except the Basic Internet Computer), Starts with the following Minimum Standards:

Antec Mid-Tower Case w/ Front USB Ports
Antec 380 Watt SmartPower ATX Power Supply
Premium Motherboard
AMD or Intel Processor
4 Gig DDR3 Double Speed Memory
500 Gig 7200 RPM Hard Drive- WD or Seagate
Windows 11Home with COA
DVD Burner with software
Stereo Sound and 4X Video
Network Card (for Cable, DSL, or Networking)
4 USB Ports- 2 are Front Mounted
1 Extra Rear Case Fan
Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard
Microsoft Optical Mouse
2.0 Stereo Speakers
Belkin SurgeMaster Surge Protector
Norton Internet Security w/ 1 Year Free Updates with CD

"System Price"
includes the Computer, Keyboard, Mouse, Surge Protector, Speakers, and Software. Monitors sold separately. LCD monitors available.


Internet Computer
Small size - Big Performance
Can also be used as a Media Center
Control Computer.
Very fast for Internet, Email, Word Processing.
$699.00 (and up)
w/ Win 11 & 8 Gig

See Price Info

Intel or AMD Processor
DDR3 Memory
Windows 10
1 Tb Hard Drive
DVD-CD Burner
Integrated Video
2 piece Speaker System
Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard
Microsoft Optical Mouse

All Prices Include Tax.


Family Computer
Small Office or Home Office Computer
Great for school or office work, games, or as the main computer in a small home or office network.
$899.00 (and up)
w/ Win 11 & 8 Gig
See Price Info

AMD Quad Core CPU
DDR3 or 4 Memory
Windows 11
500 Gig SSD or 1Tb Hard Drive
DVD-CD Burner
Integrated Video
2 piece Speaker System

Plus anything listed in Minimum Standards above
that is not listed here.

All Prices Include Tax.


Small Home Office Computer
For Small Office or Home Office use, Digital photos, Video work, or as the server on a network.
$1099.00 (and up)
See Price Info

AMD Quad Core Processor
8 Gig DDR4 Memory
Windows 11 Pro
500 Gig SSD and 1Tb Hard Drives
DVD-CD Burner
Integrated Video
2 piece Speaker System
Plus anything listed in Minimum Standards above
that is not listed here.

All Prices Include Tax.


Upgrades and Accessories

Add an ExtFloppy Drive for $40.00
Add a DVD Drive for $50.00
Add a Media Card Reader for $35.00
Add a Webcam for $65.00
Add a Modem for $35.00

Upgrade to a Wireless Mouse for $25.00
Upgrade to Speakers w/ Subwoofer for $35.00

Or I can add any number of well known software titles, zip drives, firewire, larger hard drives, (or 2nd hard drive), more memory, bigger sound systems, networking gear, etc. Just call or Email for details and prices.

17" Flat Monitors starting at $199.00
Wide screen LCD (22") starting at $209.00
Printers starting at $125.00
6' USB Printer Cable $11.00
I also carry or can get networking cables, routers,
UPS power backup systems, Multi Function Printer/Fax/Scanner combos, etc. Call or Email for details and prices

All Prices Include Tax.

*Prices may change slightly due to parts availability. Recently, some items such as processors and CD drives have been in short supply. (Not ALL CD drives, just the ones that meet MY quality standards.) As AMD and Intel come out with new $200-300 6 and 8 core super chips, the standard chips seem to be delayed in production. Maybe on purpose? Anyway, If I have to adjust some prices higher, it's because I had to use bigger, more powerful chips because that's what's available today. But that means a faster better computer for you the customer. Still, I hate having to change prices on the fly. So please remember, the systems shown above are EXAMPLES of some of the more popular systems I have built over the years, but for the most current prices, please feel free to call me and we can talk about the best system for you.
Click here to request a quote by email.


How I Compare to Others
In order to be fair to my customers, I am constantly comparing my computer prices with major computer companies, including Dell, Gateway, Compaq, IBM, Tiger Direct, and others. What I find is that my price compares very well against their product. My price is the same or less in every case, AFTER I make the necessary changes to equal what I am selling. After all, one should compare apples to apples.

For example, their products often includes slower hard drives, Celeron processors, only 90 days of AntiVirus protection, smaller cases with less room to grow, and no floppy or modem. And to top it off, you cannot even chose better motherboards or power supplies, 2 of the most important factors in speed and reliability.

If you are shopping for a new computer, you owe it to yourself to check out the quality and local service you will receive with a KCS Computer. Also if you bring me any quote from another company and I will be happy to look at it and see how it compares to my systems.


CD and COA- If your computer does not come with the original CD and Certificate of Authenticity, your software may be an illegal copy. Always check for the CDs.

Optical Mouses never need cleaning.

Surge protector protects the modem as well.


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