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I have had over 35 years experience servicing computer hardware and software. I am an expert in determining where the problem is and how to fix it. I know all the tricks to making a computer run its very best. If parts are needed, I only use top quality components. I take pride in my work and because of this:
All repairs include a 30 day guarantee.
(Click here for full warranty information)

Services Offered

Hardware and Software Diagnostics
Installation or Removal of New or Used Hardware
Virus Removal and Repair of Damage Done
Loading, Reloading or Removal of Software
Restoring Original Software from Original CDs
"Clean Up" of Unnecessary Start Up Programs
Adjust Software for Faster Start Up and Running
Printer Installation or Removal

Training on Computer Usage, Software, and Internet
Networking Computers Together

Payment is normally due when you pick up your computer, laptop, or other equipment. I accept Cash and Checks. Payment via PayPal is available and may incur a small extra fee.
Billing is available only for special situations, and may include up to $5.00 billing fee on the first bill. Payment is due upon receipt. Repeat billing for past due bills will include a 2% per month interest / late fee.


Shop-$35.00 Per Hour plus parts
In Home- $50.00 Per Hour plus parts
Basic Diagnostics- $30.00 and up
(Training and Support for any Hardware or Software Rounded up to nearest 1/2 hour)

All Prices Include Tax.

Diagnostics Charge to check out a computer when no problems are found.
Minimum charge- In Shop Service 1/2 hour
Minimum charge- In Home Service 1 hour plus parts

Delivery and setup of a new or used computer system for 1st hour.
($50 per hour after 1st hour.)


Some common replacement parts:

CD/DVD Rom (depends on speed)
$35 and up
Microsoft Internet Keyboard
Microsoft Optical Scroll Mouse
Modem- 56k PCI
17" Monitors
$150 and up
Power Supply
$60 and up
Hard Drive
$80 and up
3 1/2" External Floppy Drive
Surge Suppressor
$35 and up
UPS (Backup Power)
$100 and up



Many computers can be upgraded to improve performance or to add features. However, some computers are limited as to what can be done. And some hardware upgrades may need software upgrades to function properly. I can help you to determine if an upgrade is appropriate for your computer. I always use top quality parts for upgrades and will guarantee those parts if installed by me.

NOTE: Please call me before upgrading your Windows. For the most part I do not recommend Windows upgrades. Your computer will run best on the version it was designed for. In SOME cases it may be possible to upgrade, however more memory or updated drivers may be needed before the upgrade is performed.

Below is a list of some common upgrades:

DVD Drive w/Software
DVD Burner w/Software
AntiVirus Software
$40 and up
Internet Security (including Firewall)
$60 and up
$75 and up
$30 and up
Wireless Mouse
$65 and up
$40 and up

(memory prices vary- Some memory can be VERY expensive, Laptops for example )

All Prices Include Tax.
ates listed above subject to change as needed without notice


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